Welcome to Tottenham NSW, The Soul of The Centre.

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Read comments about the town of Tottenham and for those who wish to keep an update on community happenings events and upcoming attractions.

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If you are new to Tottenham, make sure you pin it on your next travel route through the Central West, a slice of quintessential Australia, in the Heart of New South Wales the Lachlan Shire.

Tottenham, “The Soul of The Centre”

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  1. Dave says:

    I just want to say that, as a newcomer to the town of Tottenham, I have found it to be quite an amazing place to live. This is not just a partisan bias, as Tottenham was recognised in 2012 as the “Most Outstanding Community of 15,000 people or less in New South Wales”. That’s an amazing accomplishment for a town of less than 400 people (plus a couple hundred on neighbouring farms.

    As a former resident of Sydney, I would compare it to being able to live on the North Shore at the same time that you pay only a fraction of what it would cost to live in the cheapest suburb of Western Sydney.

    For anyone who is not tied to a capital city through jobs, etc. (e.g. retirees, people with skills that can be used in the bush, or that can be carried out in their own homes, or single mums) this is an ideal place to live: hospital, full-time doctor (with a number of specialist qualifications as well), full time ambulance service, pharmacy facilities at the hospital, top quality air strip, 18-hole golf-course, vibrant bowling club, six well-used tennis courts, oval, race track, pony club, top quality school from pre-school to matriculation, CWA, Men’s Shed, Lions Club, four restaurants, grocery store with specials to rival the big super-markets, volunteer fire brigade, extremely active Welfare Committee, aged care units, huge immaculately kept swimming pool, newsagency, pub, and much much more.

    It’s just an unbelievable town, with loads of great leaders who take a lot of initiative in doing everything they can to constantly improve the town.

    No wonder it was voted the most outstanding community in New South Wales last year (population under 15,000)!