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This weekend the Totty Golf Club are planning a big day out on Saturday the 23rd of April! Finish off the school holidays with a Family Day Out.

A four person Ambrose starts at 12:30 with the Ambrose catering for players of all levels, so come along and enjoy the fun. This will be followed by a DJ starting at 7 p.m.

A fun day for the whole family.

You can find out more info about the goings on at the Tottenham Golf Club by checking their Facebook page by clicking This Link


The Tottenham Historical Society will be launching their new publication ‘TOTTENHAM DISTRICT SOLDIERS OF WWI’ on ANZAC Day. You can find out more info about this book and other Historical Society news by clicking here

Those wishing to march in Tottenham on ANZAC Day are asked to assemble at the Post Office at 10:30, the ceremony will follow in the Tottenham War Memorial Hall at 11 am.


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Congratulations Tottenham-Tullamore Healthy Towns Challenge

awards 2

Richard Clegg

Well what an amazing turn of events that has led to Tottenham and Tullamore as a joint initiative have taken out Top honours in the inaugural Healthy Towns Challenge.


Richard Clegg who played a large part in the organisation of the program in Tottenham, said that we were lucky to have been involved at all as initially it had seemed we could not meet the criteria to be part of the program.

After much discussion with one of the organisers of the program, Richard managed to get support for a “joint” entry into the program, with Tottenham joining forces with Tullamore.

tottenha recieving award 2

(Lft-Rgt) Margaret Greig, Janelle Hopkins, Therese Jones – Receiving the Award.


The two towns then secure 1 of the 5 available spots.

With Janelle Hopkins, Margaret Grieg and a host of others getting involved and showing their support for the program, the locals got involved in both towns and here we are.


Tullamore Recieving their award

Barbara Newton (Recieving Award for Tullamore) & Therese Jones

Winners of the Inaugural Healthy Towns Challenge.


Watch the video by clicking the link below to see a few snippets from the Awards ceremony held in Tottenham.